Friday, February 8, 2008

Rediscovering the Bible on CD

My room has been a mess for several weeks.
I'm rarely there to see it, so I guess it hasn't bothered me as much in recent days.
But it had to be cleaned today, throughly cleaned, that is.
So I rolled up my sleeves and played the Bible on CD.....
Listened to the books of Daniel and Hosea.

I'd forgotten how much I love listening to large portions of scripture.
It gives me a much larger picture of the Mind of God and His sovereign working all through history. Daniel probably felt as though God was just moving him around as His pawn... And look what a plan God had! I'm sure Hosea didn't feel thrilled about his "assignment" from God, but he did it. It thrills my heart to KNOW that God is moving me, too, around like His little chess piece. And that He knows what He's doing, and every move is part of His bigger plan, if I will just let Him move me around.

I can't wait till I have a car with a working CD player.
It will make my many, many hours of driving so much more worthwhile and enjoyable.


Roo said...

Where did you all get that? I was wondering where to find the Bible on CD jsut the other day. We have the New Testiment on tape, but don't have a sutible player!! :( I really love listening to big chuncks too, especailly if I didn't get up in time to read my Blble that morning! :)

Carissa <>< :)

Mary said...

You can order the Bible on CD from lots of Christian book companies, but it's pretty expensive to buy the whole thing on CD.
Owning the complete Bible on CD was high on my wish list for a couple of years (I just couldn't afford to go buy it for $140 or whatever!) until I found the complete set - KJV on CD for something like $20 at a used Christian book store in Springfield.
Needless to say, I was *thrilled*! : )
My new struggle is to react in a Godly way when a sibling borrows one of my very precious Bible CDs and then carelessly leaves it lying on floor and I find it all scratched up. My first reaction is not nice....
There's always lessons to be learned, huh? : )