Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ozarks Ice Storm in February

On Monday night, the Ozarks were blanketed in several inches of rain, sleet and then more freezing rain. It meant that we lost our electricity for several days, but it also provided us with a chance to take the camera outdoors and capture some of the beauty!

The apple trees didn't fair too badly. (Some of the other trees lost a LOT of limbs.)

The frozen pond below our house

A fence... heavily laden with ice!

Some of the horses who live here. Some of them liked the ice, and some of them didn't!

Ahhh! Horsey "ice angels"!


Roo said...

So pretty, but soo dangerous! We had a friend who sliped and had a BAD concussion. Pleas pray for him and his wife! His name is Gill.

Carissa <>< :)

Joy said...

Are you sure the 'horsey' isn't rolling on his back in laughter at 'Milky Waves' ride down the hill? lol! That was so funny to hear about Jemima's cow doing that. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ice photos!