Sunday, February 10, 2008

Random January Pictures

Our family takes entirely too many pictures! There are hundreds for January alone! How am I to sort out a couple for the blog to summarize the month? I can't, so here's a few random ones to enjoy! : )

We got several hundred pounds of natural peanut butter very cheaply ($10 for a 40 pound box!) and shared with everyone we knew!
Sam thought it was a lot of fun to scrub up to his elbows and mix up each box!

My brothers work at the Anchor Academy for troubled boys, so when they came to a nearby church to sing, of course we had to go hear them! Here are a few of them, and a couple of staff members.

This year we celebrated Suzanne's birthday by going thrift store shopping all around Springfield.
As you can see, we're experimenting with hats and fashion coordinating!

Mom and Sam having some together time on the computer. : )


Jessi said...

Mary, I'm NEVER going to eat a PB sandwich at your house!! :) Just kidding. What a riot. Thanks for the pics!

Mrs B said...

Well I am glad you all came to a "local" church to hear the Anchor guys sing.
LOL makes us sound so generic LOL

Anonymous said...

I can just see Sam with a totally contented (and a little excited) look on his face while he lets the oily, greasy gom run though his delighted fingers! :D LOL I wish I could have been there to see the whole process!

Carissa <>< :)