Friday, February 8, 2008

If God's offended you...

Often times people you meet talk about how offended they are with the things God has done to them, the things other Christians have done to them, how hypocritical the church is, how they have been hurt, how bad things have come their way in life....
Their conclusion is always, "That's why I don't ___."
(Fill in the blank - believe in God, go to church, read the Bible, care about pleasing God...)

Rarely do people like this stop and think, "How have *I* offended GOD?"

That is the question.

Not, "How has God offended me?"

If God's offended you, you can shake your fist in his face today.
But just remember that He doesn't answer to you.
You will answer to HIM someday.

Why are Christians so afraid to step on toes with such a message?

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Roo said...

Sooo good Mary! That is sooo good!