Sunday, February 24, 2008

Little Sisters... the Spice of Life!

are such
a hoot!
that life
is never,

The Hunters spent part of last week with us,
and all of the younger girls in our family had
a blast with their two girls, Julie and Tonya.
Below, they're all having fun posing in front of
Ruth's camera. : )

And to top it off, Ruth falls through the kitchen floor....
No, really this was staged.

We have this trap door in the corner of the kitchen,
and Ruth "practiced" falling through it while Liz
video taped her. (She had a lot of bruises and scrapes
the next day since she had to repeat the fall about 15
times to get it perfected on camera!)

The girls have been talking about doing a "documentary"
about our family life "when the shades are drawn and
the visitors go away..."

They say that this would be one of the opening scenes!
I think it would be incredibly funny, but I'd definitely
want a say in what makes the final cut! : )
...And Ruth wanted you to know that she thinks that
this picture is embarrassing and she really didn't want
it on my blog, but finally gave me permission to post it,
because I told her that everyone would enjoy it!


Jessi said...

Tell Ruth I think the picture is hilarious!! And also funny was the fact that we own the exact same yellow tupperware bowl. :)


Laurel said...

Thanks Ruth for being such a good sport!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! That first picture, and last are a riot! Wonder if Ruth will share the video? :) Hope so! I'd love to see it.


ASourceOfJoy said...

Awwww, I'm envious that you got to spend that much time with the Hunter girls - what fun! They're such a blessing. :-)

All the pictures are so good - and hilarious, LOL! Tell Ruth that's one video we *must* see sometime. ;-)

Oh, and I have to say - your kitchen is *beautiful* now!! I know last time we were there, you girls were talking about redoing it. Great job!!

Ruth U. said...

Glad you all got a kick out of the photos.
Now I know why you read my sister's blog, you have been waiting for some "CRAZY" picture of her siblings to be posted! Just Kidding.
It is always good to have some fun, like being a clown, falling down holes or just posing for pix with friends. (I always fall down the hole in our kitchen to de-stress!)
Today Joanna, Christy, and I enjoyed being "clowns" again, maybe Mary will "have" to update you all on our latest look.
"The good sport"
~Ruth :)

Sarah said...

LOL! Way to go, Ruth! Next time I need to de-stress, may I come over and join you? :P

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious, Ruth!! I'd really like to see the video when you have it completed!

-your cousin Olivia