Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life... and ramblings

It's been a long week... and a long day.
Coming down with a cold isn't the best way to top it off, either.
But I was reminded today that God's choices for every day of our life are always better than what we would choose for ourselves... even in the little things.

I spent part of the week at the Capitol, growing absolutely sick of hypocrisy and lies. Some days working with politicians isn't so bad. Other days I remember why some people say the word "politician" with such a tone of disgust. They must have been badly burned. It has been a struggle this week to know when to exercise "grace" and when to exercise "truth".... when to be wise as serpents and when to be harmless as doves. I can probably count on one hand the times in my life when I have been really *mad* - this week has been one of them. Next week isn't looking much better on that front. But we'll see...

I spent today at the hospital with a friend who was having a baby. She was a trooper - got induced with Pitocin and didn't even get an epidural!

At the very same time as she was birthing her beautiful baby girl, other friends were calling with news of a miscarriage. They have tried to get pregnant for *years*... what a bitter disappointment.

It was hard to coo over the new baby, hug the new mother, and then step out into the hallway and listen to the other side, all in the a matter of ten minutes. But I wouldn't trade my life for anything. Motherhood changes a women for life... and I love seeing it happen over and over again, even when sometimes I have to join with a bitterly disappointed mom and cry with her.

I've got to go, and take care of myself so I will get better... I'll try to post something worth reading tomorrow.

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Elisabeth said...

I sometimes forget, seeing the side of your life that is all commuting, politics, phone calls and busywork just why you want to be a midwife, but when you told us about the 'good' hospital birth you were at, I realized why you care so much about midwifery. I know like I never did before why we need midwives and I sure hope I get to have of those brave souls if/when I need her! Thanks so much for everything you do.