Sunday, February 27, 2011

What Does Holiness Look Like?

While I'm on a posting binge, some thoughts of mine from a few months ago:

We pray for holiness and revival in our lives.
And yet we don't know what it is we are asking for.

Holiness is not a sudden state of being; a confident feeling of glory, an overwhelming knowledge of the Presence of God. Holiness is simply being LIKE GOD.

And where shall we go to find out how to be like God? We ought to go to God Incarnate, walking about the earth in our frail and limited human form and watch what holiness is and what holiness does when the sinner presses in, when the sick and needy reach out to touch, when the hypocrites sit round, and then what Holiness does when the multitudes depart.

Read the gospels and you will see holiness in human form in action. You cannot yet be like the glorified God who sits in the heavens. Your life will not look like His. But your life should look like Jesus of Nazareth moment by moment as you live in holiness.


Bathandwa said...

Amen,this is so through God the bible says "be holy for i am holy,we are living in the last days and it is very important for us to be close to him more and more,im blessed

geraldandvernaministries said...

God Bless youmore than you can imagine! How refresshing to find such Godly material. I hope you will also follow me. I am an evangelist-singer-songwriter & havve set up 2 sites trying to sell home decdor & ladies fashions in order to support our lives & ministry.

JT said...

The picture says it all. You have a great blog. I added myself as a
follower. May God Bless You.