Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Right Estimation of One's Self

Humility is a right estimation of one's self. Not more, not less than what one really is. Humility is the willingness to be known, to be talked about, to be thought about, and to be treated just according to the truth. Poor, lost, wandering souls... only of any value because of a kind and merciful God took what was worthless and redeemed it!

Humility is living in the constant awareness of the importance of other people - their needs, their struggles, their hurts, their joys and dreams, their lives. If I am humble, my life and wants and rights will not be so important.... because I see myself for who I really am - very small and unworthy!

- Some thoughts from Matthew Henry and Steve Gallagher, put into my own words. :)


Rachel Sokolik said...

I love you, Mary!

Nate said...

I appreciate those thought. It is important to keep a right perspective of the much bigger story that is taking place. We need to have confidence as a child of God but realize that without him we would be dust.