Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Wonder What Jesus Did?

I've GOT to spend more time soaking up and savoring the Words of God for my life....

But how? People matter. God loves people. Even when Jesus tried to escape the multitudes and they found Him and asked Him to help, he stopped and helped. He touched the sick ones and he made them well. He fed the hungry ones. He taught them. He loved them. He never rebuked them for coming to Him or told them to go away and stop thronging him.

My life is consumed by people. People call me all day long. People send me sometimes hundreds of emails in day. There's no way I can reply to all of them. People stop by the house constantly. People, people, people... My life is filled with serving the needs of people, and on the side, trying to voluntarily show love to a few who haven't asked.

I don't know what to do. I wish I did. I love people and I love serving people. People have done so much for me. I'm so grateful for all of the people in my life.

But... I still don't know what to do.

I imagine this is how mothers of little children feel. The constant needs, around the clock....

I wonder how Jesus felt. I wonder how He decided when to reach out and heal one more sick person when He was trying to leave to go somewhere and pray? I wonder what He thought when He went to the other side of the sea and all of the people showed up there and wanted Him?


Rebekah said...

This reminds me of the story of Martha and Mary. Jesus never told Martha that what she had chosen was wrong - but he clearly told her that Mary had chosen what was BEST. Don't allow guilt to seep in those times that you choose what is BEST, and trust the Lord that he will take care of the needs of those who you would have been helping. :)

Jonathan said...

God did command rest. And not just an hour or two here and there, but an entire day. Rest that could be used for worship, for recuperation, for fellowship, for meditation/prayer/reading. But rest is important... and our society drives us away from rest and into busyness.

We see the command to rest in the very beginning of Genesis. We also see the first indication that rest will not be easy, when God tells Adam the results of his sin. Rest becomes both more difficult and more necessary.

Folky Dots said...

The gospels record several instances of Jesus coming apart...sometimes alone and sometimes with his disciples.

I know people say that God will not give us more than we can handle. I see the point but I've often thought that he does give us more than we can handle so that we will see our need of Him, the one who can strengthen us to carry our load.
Dana W.