Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mine to Do... and Not Mine to Do


I just spent my four hours of rare quiet, unscheduled time on a Sunday evening emailing a bazillion legislative updates, because I need to leave for my day of prenatals at 7 am tomorrow.... and most of the "updates" pertain to stuff that MUST be done/figured out by the legislative committee tomorrow while I'm ignoring my emails and doing prenatal visits and preparing to drive back to Jefferson City to sit through a meeting I'd desperately like to escape from instead.

Sometimes I wonder if my clients have any idea of how much work I do just to be ABLE to serve them legally. Not how much work it is to serve them. Just for that right or ability to be mine....

Sometimes I wonder if they have any clue how much I'd LIKE to "rest more" or "take it easy" sometimes when they tell me to!

And every day this year I'm trying to be very conscious of what God has given me to do, and what He hasn't told me to do. I'm trying to ignore the stuff that isn't mine to do no matter how loudly it screams or how the tyranny of the urgent wants to run my life.

And I'm trying to do the stuff He wants me to do no matter how much people don't understand why.... And I'm trying to do it even on Sunday nights when for once I could go sit outside and listen to the spring peepers and the last thing in the world I want to do is sit here and write long, long emails about legislation.

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