Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Week?

Has another week went by? For real?!?

I drove almost 1, 200 miles, two babies were born, I went to the Capitol twice, did numerous prenatal and postpartum visits, spent most of my nights sitting up typing up legislative reports and emails nearly til the sun came up and then I rushed off to appointments and meetings after a couple of hours of sleep. Tonight I worked furiously to try to pull together invoices for clients who have been asking for them for weeks... maybe months. I think some of them think their midwife is forgetful or a slacker or something. No, I just literally cannot keep up, even working 24 hours a day! And there's still a big pile of client charts on the table that need to be finished tonight. Several hours of charting. Stuff that would be pretty bad and pretty unprofessional not to have together. It's already after midnight. Hmm...

And tomorrow... well, Sundays are supposed to be my day off. But babies have gone breech (3 of them!) that are due right now. And their mothers are worrying and I need to see them tomorrow afternoon so that they can make appointments to do something about it on Monday if they're still breech... I have to wonder why God added this to my week? I thought He wanted me to get a little MORE sleep?!

I want to mop the dining room, reply to my friends' emails, talk to my mom, visit my sister, plan flower gardens, run, and do laundry.

I guess this week was meant to be politics, birth, and paperwork instead.

Now, back to the charting....

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