Friday, March 25, 2011

The Joys of Email

2:00 am. I guess I should go to bed.

Eight hours of staring at my laptop this evening and the unread messages have been reduced from 3, 426 to 1980.

About 100 replies sent.

The flagged emails... well, there's still a couple thousand of those, but certainly most of them are too old to even answer at this point.

At least the pregnant women who requested initial client packets a full month ago finally received them. I'm sure they've hired other midwives by now, but hey... at least I finally did what I said I was going to - emailed them a packet of information!

I have a dream....... that some day I shall have an inbox that I can keep organized and enough time to reply to all the people who so badly want or need a reply.

I doubt that will ever happen, but it's kind of fun to imagine! :)

I'm going to bed with a good feeling that some of my unread emails have now been read and replied to. It's the little things in life, right?


Peachtree said...

Methinks thou needest a secretary.

Lathavijayakumar said...

May god give you all the very best. Your blog is superb