Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Visit from the Rowe Cousins, Part VII

The fateful moment of "goodbye" had arrived... But first we had to do our traditional hour of all kinds of group pictures. With several photographers between the two families, we had to take dozens and dozens of pictures...

Even the boys who usually quickly tire of photo sessions got in to it this time. Abe set up the ladder for a "view from above" picture of the girls in a circle.

Abe started snapping random pictures of the gathering below, which we later found to be quite amusing. I don't even know what we're all doing in this picture!

Finally... a group picture with everybody in it! The camera was on self-timer.
And so ended our happy weekend with the Rowes...
Come back again soon!


Laurel said...

I've so enjoyed living vicariously through your account of the time with your cousins. It makes me look even more forward to the arrival of my nieces and nephews next week. I'm thankful they have like-minded cousins with whom to make memories.

heather rowe said...

Wow, good job on the post! It's so much fun to be reminded afresh of the wonderful time we had together. Not like the memory is going to fade soon or anything! We got a good picture of Zaiah racing after us as we were leaving on his 4wheeler "bawling" with a kleenex to his face! Are you sure he's 23!?!? Love ya'll. Can't wait til next time! Heather

Shelly said...

You are such an encouraging blogger!
You must write more often I am just sure you have tons of spare time ;)
May the Lord bless your week