Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Visit from the Rowe Cousins, Part III

Ahoy, matey!
The raft was launched most successfully into the deep, blue sea...
er, the scummy green pond!

After some smooth sailing, the more adventurous ones decided that it would be more fun to rock the raft... and rock it they did! A few people slid off occasionally, like Amy (below, being helped back on board), but the little kids were wearing life jackets. Oh, and we only rarely see big snapping turtles in this pond.

As the raft tilted wildly from side to side, suddenly without warning, it capsized and the whole crew of ten found themselves flailing wildly about, churning up the brown and green waters. The pond being about 8 feet deep in the middle, it's a good thing that the youngest kids were all wearing life jackets.

Everyone made it to shore with the now-upside-down raft, and several wailing children on board. Still sputtering, everyone was glad just to be alive! The rafting continued, but a little less wildly, and with mandatory life jackets for any non-swimmers!

The day ended with several additional families over for dinner and an evening of visiting.

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