Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Visit from the Rowe Cousins, Part VI

The grand adventure for Saturday was once again... the raft!

We're heading off to the creek this time. The pond had grown a bit small for the crew, and the guys decided that more adventure was in order.

The guys did some repairs, using more candy wrappers and sticks and plastic bags to plug leaks, and then pushed it into creek!

The raft was rather crowded but that didn't deter anyone from taking a ride down the "river"! (And, yes, quite a few fell off, but the creek isn't over anyone's head.)

Who knows what the girls are doing in the creek?!

...And then they came home and had more photo-op ideas.
Since everyone was wet, they hung themselves out to dry on the clothesline!

'Zaiah and Aaron are almost always sensible, mature, sober young men.
When they get together, though, we see a different side of them!
It's good it's only once a year! ; )

Liz and Heather - drying off together.
Everyone knew that goodbyes coming all too soon!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Mary, my mom and I just could not keep strate face when we saw the pictures of you guys "drying out" !! It was so funny:)
~Susanne Eldredge