Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Visit from the Rowe Cousins, Part IV

The cousins decided that Friday night was a great time to sleep outdoors... so between the extra friends and neighbors who decided to join the camping party in the pasture, there were about 30 people out in the moonlit night.

For those of you who are political novices, campaigns are a lot of hard, thankless, sweaty work. You never forget those August afternoon of door knocking and pounding in signs. But there's one secret perk... that you'll never know about till you work on a big campaign - you can get lots and lots of leftover 4'x8' plastic political signs when the election is over! At our house, campaign signs have been used for everything from water slides to calf shelters, shower linings and yard sale signs. The Rowes were surprised to find out how many things you can make from an old campaign sign... including the sleeping quarters for the night (above)!

S'mores and sleepy people around a campfire.

The boys' "hut" (made out of campaign signs, of course!)

Sam made his own private quarters out of a few signs.
He even had an air mattress! What luxury!

Lots of girls bedding down for the night. At the least the sign walls would keep the cows from walking across them or licking faces in the dark!

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