Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Visit from the Rowe Cousins, Part V

The sun came up in the cow pasture on Saturday morning and everyone found themselves happy in spite of their dewy hair and short night (the cows kind of interrupted a little after midnight!).


Sam (it's a little early...)

Back inside the house, Dad was telling Darrel about all of the crazy and horrible things he witnessed at the Capitol in the last few days of the legislative session! (Dad and I had come back from the Capitol very late Friday night and didn't see everyone till Saturday morning.)

I slept in unreasonably late (something like 10 am!). I had had about 2 hours of sleep per night all week at the Capitol, and was completely exhausted - physically, mentally, and emotionally. But seeing the Rowes smiling faces made me decide to try to forget about my troubling thoughts and pretend that the Capitol world didn't exist... for at least one day!

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Rowe Family said...

Oh, yeah... its finally here! You did an excellent job Mary! It brings back so many memories. Thank you for making our time so special. We miss you all bunches!!
Can't wait to see you again...SOON!?

Love, Missy