Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Visit from the Rowe Cousins, Part II

Friday morning was filled with activities... mostly building the infamous raft -- some odd tradition started back when we cousins were all toddlers and pre-teens!
(I was away at the Capitol, finishing my last day of lobbying, so I've only seen the pictures...)

First the barrels had to be inspected for leaks... and leaky holes were plugged with all manner of things, from a potato chip bag to caulk and a stick!

Needless to state, the four-wheeler was a bit over used during the visit. The girls prided themselves in being able to drive it with twelve of them on it! I'm surprised the boys didn't seem more worried about the life and safety of their precious piece of transportation!

And here the poor little four wheeler is pulling a trailer load of girls to the creek to launch the new raft...

Upon arriving at the creek, there was a raft to test out, but lots of other things, too.
Things like, uh, really thick, deep mud.
Above: Liz and Heather

Oh boy! Oh joy!
The little girls got excited when the "big" girls sanctioned wading in the mud!

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heather rowe said...

I like the picture of Liz and I in the mud. Are you trying to say that us two were the ones who "sanctioned" the mud wading?!?! I'm not positive it was us!! {grin} I have to admit that one just MIGHT get that impression though! :-)
You did a great job. I miss ya'll and luv ya bunches!