Sunday, August 28, 2011

She's HERE!!!!!!!!!!

Josh and Jemima's beautiful baby girl has arrived: Cherish Mercy!
All 7 pounds and 4 ounces of sweet perfection.
How did God come up with a creation as wonderful as babies?!
I love her to pieces and can't stop nuzzling her soft face and kissing her!


Liz @My Full Cup said...

Oh Congratulations to Jemima and Josh and to you Aunt Mary!! She is just beautiful. God is so good! Babies are such a blessing.

Denise said...

Congrats, she is beautiful!

tesfayeaneleye said...

i luve u family uyou have noidea how much u sweet hony family god blell ure child ;;;

Rebekah said...

We are SO excited! What a darling little sweetheart! And I love her name!!!
Congratulations to everyone!:) Being an aunt is such fun!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Jemima, Josh and their families. Cherish Mercy is beautiful.

-Random reader that is encouraged by your writings and rejoicing with Jemima and Josh.

Carolina said...

congrats!!!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!! What a blessing!hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! i am also hosting a cute giveaway!