Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happiness Is....

... A new book stand in the kitchen window so I can sing all 21 verses of "Immanuel's Land"
while doing dishes

... Watching a friend in love

... Seeing my little sister grow up into somebody really sweet and Godly

... A brother who is tender and thoughtful and misses us so much

... A sister with a swelling belly full of wiggly baby

... A whole quiet day at home by myself (bliss!)

... A new blue dress with brown polka dots that I adore

... Godly men who live lives of faithfulness day in and day out

... Not answering the phone sometimes

... Reading many chapters a day {it's been too many years since I've read much}

... An office assistant who is so reliable and prompt and cheerful

... My mom... here, alive, happy

... My dad, faithful as clockwork

... Pens that work well

... Laundry all done!

... Jana's homemade cheesecake ice cream

... Clean floors

... Miles to run and walk

... Friends who love me more for pointing out how off-track they've become

... Friends who exhort me, instead of just flattering

... Whole nights of sleep

... A car that has been running without a problem for over two months!!

... Really hard, scary births that end really well

... People that understand schizophrenia and cancer

... A strained checkbook, reminding me that less money isn't less joy, happiness or living

... People that come over and love you even when you're hot and sweaty and the house is a mess and tomatoes are all over the table and floor

... Really old holey bathroom floor replaced with new

... Things that make me think, like: "Whatever humbles me, helps me."

... And for all of the other things that are horrifying, depressing, overwhelming, scary, and worse than I even imagined ~ God is still the same unchanging, just and merciful God.


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Bethany said...

Oh, Mare... I love YOU and I love reading your blog posts! Praying for you today!

Rose said...

Wow, yes, lovely post! I especially like the last statement!

Peachtree said...

Thanks so much Mary! I love the heart/attitudes that prompt these thanks! I need to dig out my gratitude journal and start counting again!

Love your new header too! Makes me itch to design some of my own!

14xMommy said...
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14xMommy said...

I love you blog. It *always* points me in a higher direction. I love *you*. "Whatever humbles me, helps me." Great quote...did you make that up? ;-)

Annie's Blessings said...

Really love your blog. You are a blessing!

Dusti said...

It is comforting that God understands Schizophrenia, I hadn't thought of It that way before!