Saturday, December 29, 2007

Year in Review, Part 6

Our church rents a lovely campground every Sunday as our meeting place, and in the spring it is particularly beautiful! It is also home to one of the larger springs in the state, and so a favorite activity after church and a potluck lunch is to take a walk down the hill to the spring. The little ones go wading in the freezing water and find crawdads, and the older ones just enjoy listening to the water and visiting... It's a great place to hear yourself think!

The girls are
off to the



Laurel said...

What do you do in the winter or in the rain?

Mary said...

We meet in the auditorium all year 'round, so weather isn't a problem!
: )

Anonymous said...

That last picture was before Jared ended up in the spring, right? We won't say how that sure was a fun day!