Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Living Life for the Right Reason

Several years ago, I undertook a job that would require me to demonstrate leadership abilities to people who weren't always happy followers. Some of those who I was put in charge of downright resented anyone telling them what to do. Some of them just didn't like to work. Some of them thought I was a "little favorite" and that it was unfair that I had been placed in charge of them. I heard about it from them nearly every day in one way or another.

Other people in my life frowned on what I was doing, thinking it wasn't my place, or that I should have found someone else to do it, or that I should have done more, or that I should have done less...

One day, I found this little quote, and taped it to my computer monitor. It's been there ever since, and I still glance down with gratefulness from time to time when I read, "Living your life for the glory of God alone.... frees you from having to prove that you are right."

Living your life for the Glory of God Alone...

Frees you from the fear of man
Frees you from perfection
Frees you from having to prove that you are right
Frees you from insecurity
Gives you contentment and peace.

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