Friday, December 21, 2007

A Year in Review, part 1

As the month of December closes out, I plan to give you a glimpse of my last year in pictures. Unfortunately, some things weren't documented with the camera, and will have to live on only in memory....

The year started out with a New Year's Party at the Voeller's house with nearly everyone from our church. Sadly, for us, the Voeller family moved to Texas about a week ago. We will miss them so much!

We also met one of our new neighbors in January, and she and her four little children began showing up at our house nearly every day. They quickly learned that we would read them stories, play with them, feed them dinner and so on, and their mom said that they would beg to come over all day long until she relented. So, for several months, little children were underfoot nearly every afternoon. We grew as the days went by, and I think (hope) we taught them a few things about loving each other and being kind before they moved on. We've never seen them again, but hope that the couple months they spent here gave them a glimpse of Jesus!

My friend, Suzanne, had an old-fashioned ladies' tea to celebrate her 16th birthday. She asked everyone to come in full costume. My mom, sisters, and I all went... Suzanne is a very special young lady who we've known since she was 7.

Of course, my sisters were delighted to have a reason to wear their dress-up clothes
and hoop skirts!

I think Jemima had more fun fixing my hair than I had wearing it! The dried flowers kept crumbling, but it was really pretty. : )

And, lastly, the whole gaggle of girls at the party. Yes, there was a LOT of giggling!

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