Friday, December 7, 2007

A Field of White Crosses

Last summer my brother, Isaiah, started talking about a memorial he wanted to put up, showing people the enormous number of abortions that occur in our country.

He wanted a field of white crosses, one for every life that was snuffed out before it had a chance to be seen and loved and valued....

He'd seen a similar thing in Southeast Missouri along the highway where there is a field full of thousands of white crosses - one for every American baby aborted in one day.
Zaiah never secured a field big enough to do that, but some friends of ours own a strip of wooded land along the local major highway and agreed to let him put his memorial there. He's been working on clearing it and cleaning out the brush for several months whenever he has a bit of spare time.

Last week, he finally accomplished what he's been wanting to do for so long, and put up 77 white crosses - one for every baby aborted every 30 minutes in the United States. His sign, explaining the memorial, isn't up yet but hopefully will be finished in a week or two...

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I love his memorial, because it doesn't point fingers or shout ugly things like "baby killer!"

... It just quietly reminds us all of the enormity of life - the future of our country - lost, flushed, burnt, as though it were rubble, thrown out as though it were the pile of shredded paperwork at the end of a business day.

I used to have a bumper sticker on my car that read,
"Children: Our most precious natural resource."

When will our country realize the value of little people?

When will we realize that Jesus loved little children, even when they were "inconvenient" and didn't fit into His schedule and plans?

If we ever expect secular society to value children, we will have to value them and desire them first in our own lives.

Zaiah with his memorial, as seen from the highway.

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Mamamull said...

God bless you for putting the crosses up. I know that when they are up near our home that we take extra time to slow our car and try to get others to notice.

Even if they don't - I have four pro-life bumper stickers on my car and they have to notice them.

God bless you!