Thursday, April 9, 2009

A House Full of Girls

I don't know why our house always seems to be filled with girls. But it has... for years. We seem to attract them. We like them, we have them over, we let them visit here, even live here. It's been a haven at times for girls who have been lost in the complexities and confusion of life and broken homes.

First of all, there are five of us girls who belong here, anyway. And then there's Mom. That makes six. And then we nearly always have one or a couple more here.

We 5 sisters share a bedroom that is just a little bit over full with the beds and the clothes and the shoes and all of the other girl stuff and projects. When I spread my books across the biggest bed to study, and Liz spreads her scrapbooking stuff across the little bit of bare floor between the beds, it looks ... really full.

Since we have additional girls spending the night here as often as not, we've maximized our bed space. There's a queen bed that sleeps two when it's just us, three or even four (if they are skinny!) when extra girls spend the night. When my trundle bed (under Ruth's day bed - the only "seat" in the room) is pulled out, it touches the queen bed, and it can sleep two in a pinch. Then there is room for one sleeping bag to be laid between the two dressers, with Liz's bed on one end, and the door on the other. Getting up in the night and trying to step over all the sleeping bodies and get to the door is a feat in itself.

We've had three extra "sisters" here this past week. The room was really full some nights. But there were lots of good conversations and lots of laughter after the lights went out.

We talked about humility and rebuilding relationships with parents, about getting along with little siblings, about loving annoying people, about forgiveness, about the hard things in life, about God...

I'm glad that I live in a room crammed full of girls. So full of people that the windows need to be opened in the middle of winter. That sometimes there are tears or laughter through half the night and we don't get much sleep.

My sisters and I have so many memories from our cramped quarters that the bedroom is almost sacred space.
And the lives of many other girls contain a compartment of memories from our room.... Some of them good, some of them horrifying, some of them downright embarrassing!

As much as our room isn't much to see, we pray that life will blossom from the little space. We've lived our real lives in front of them, and they've seen the good, bad, and the ugly. Sometimes we've said far more than was necessary or shocked ourselves with our own selfishness and attitudes. But, I hope that somehow, in the midst of our own shortcomings, they've went on their journey with a few bits of lasting, eternal value that they gained in the infamous "Girls' Room" at our house!

This post is dedicated to Valarie, Melissa, Jessica, Melody, Susanne, Christina, Sarah, Sarah, Carissa, Rachel, Rebekah, and all the rest of you dear "step-sisters" who know far too much about us behind the scenes! :)


ASourceOfJoy said...

I have fond memories of your room, too - though I though I think I ended up staying in the guest house when we spent the night there. My sisters and I have the same blessing in our room...very special.

Eldredge Family said...
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Eldredge Family said...

u all r amazing! Thanks so much for the awesome time that we had together in your "girls home" last week! i love u all dearly.

Sarah said...

I smile and begin to chuckle just thinking of the famous 'room.' Yes, so many grand memories! In my mind, I think 'the room' will always be about 105 degrees, humid, and full of laughter at 2 AM.

Thanks for the dedication, Mary! I look forward to the next time - it's been awhile! ;)

Rachel Sokolik said...

Mary, you'll probably never know before we all reach heaven just how much that 'girls room' has impacted my life for good! I thank you and your dear family for letting me get some 'behind the scenes' views of your home.... I've learned so much from them. You all HAVE blessed, encouraged, ispired, and lifted me up in my walk with the Lord. You girls are the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your 'girls room'... it will forever remain in my most cherished memories! Love ya!♥