Monday, April 27, 2009

April -- Photos, Part II

Susanne and Ruth at Goodwill :)

We had a lot of fun thrift store shopping in Springfield while
Susanne and Beka were visiting for the week!
(L-R: Beka, Susanne, Mary)

And of course, we're planting the garden. If anything, it's bigger than last year!
I don't know why we do this to ourselves every year!
Actually, I do. It's Mom's idea! And we can't do much about it! :)

And there is sooo much milk! We have two cows milking right now,
and another one about to calve any day!
Above: Ruth washing butter

Okay. There are some perks to growing so much of your own food. Like this salad that we had for lunch the other day. The greens were picked that morning (and they were better than any gourmet salad mix I've ever had!), the eggs were fresh from the chickens, the garbanzo beans were home canned, the cheese was day-old, fresh from our Jersey cow, and the baby radishes were pulled from the garden soil that morning.
I guess the carrots, the onions, and the turkey chunks came from the store. :)
And the dressing, for those who use it.
I prefer a simple sprinkle of sea salt on my salad.
Eating home-grown food feels really, really good.
But never, never underestimate the amount of work that goes into it!


Anna said...

An even bigger garden? Wow! But that salad does look simply amazing. :)

I love all the pictures!

Drebbel said...

Another good thing you might consider for your salad - rosebud flowers. They're edible and look pretty in a salad.

Ruth Ueland said...

Did you have to tell everyone it was me washing the butter? lol jk

Elisabeth said...

Btw, the other cow just calved last night so now we have THREE cows milking! :( ARGH!