Monday, April 27, 2009

April -- Photos Part I

Kitchen clean-up after Bible Study at our house last Friday night - Mary (left) and Joy (right)

Last week Mom had a very special surprise - her dear friend, Cheryl S. from Connecticut who she hadn't seen in several decades came to visit!

Cheryl's two oldest children, Jeremiah and Hannah, came along, too. Here Hannah (left) is showing Jemima (and Dalton - one of the little boys we babysit) some pictures of their family.

I'm not sure exactly what is this engrossing to male minds - probably a great deal on a tractor or a piece of haying equipment on Craig's List! We now have wireless internet - a wonderful convenience, and the need to make sure we don't waste too much time online!
(L-R: Thor - one of the little boys we babysit almost daily, Sam, Abe, Noah, Dad, Isaiah)

Last Saturday was Valarie's wedding reception. We girls kind of grew up with her. Val lived about a mile from our house, across the fields and hills, and we managed to see each other nearly every day for several years! We haven't seen each other much in recent years as she has been living in St. Louis, but we're happy to have her back in our humble corner of the Ozarks now that she is married!
(L-R: Jemima, Mary, Valarie, Liz)

I'm sooo behind on posting pictures of my life... I'll never catch up.
But for now, you'll get a random assortment from the last month or so. Enjoy! :)

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