Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Visit from the Hunters!

The Hunters came back and spent part of the last two weeks with us. It's always fun to have them around - they're so comfortable, it really feels like they're just part of the family.
Here's all of us girls with their girls on the front lawn...
Liz, Jemima, Mary, Julie, Joanna, Ruth, and Tonya


olivia said...

Mary, did you make your jumper? If so, where did you get the pattern?
I really like it!

Your cousin,

Mary said...

Liz made up the pattern after seeing a similar jumper in an old movie... Both she and I wear this style nearly all the time now - we LOVE it!
I bet Liz can copy off her pattern for you when you come to visit. Just ask! It's a circle skirt, princess-seamed bodice with a square neck. It's really flattering on almost anybody, and my biggest favorite is the grace and femininity it adds to my wardrobe!