Monday, June 9, 2008

Gardening - Big Time!

Broccoli and tomatoes

Abe (19)

Mom, Liz, and Mary weeding the lettuce patch

Abe and Sam love any excuse to use the tractor instead of a hoe!

Squishing one's toes in the mud is so... therapeutic!

We spent the morning in the garden.
It was muddy and wet, but that meant that weeds popped out almost effortlessly.
If only the rows weren't quite so long, we might stay on top of everything.
This year, our garden covers three acres... and it's, well, a challenge to try to keep up!
I'm trying not to think of August and 500 bushels of tomatoes to deal with.
Or 2000 heads of broccoli to freeze and sell.
Or digging all of those carrots and sweet potatoes.
Right now, we're making about 8 gallons of milk into cheese most days.
I guess we need to start an organic restaurant or produce market...

Maybe by the end of summer, we'll all be tanned, toned, and super healthy!

If nothing else, we'll appreciate the food on the table more than ever.
And maybe we'll never again view weeding a small plot as something hard to do.


Laurel said...

That is awesome, Mary!

Pauline said...

I found your blog on someone elses' site..
I just had to comment..For the last 2 years my family and I grew a 3 acre garden.
We didn't do it this year on account of everyones growing up/business, etc...I know how you all feel!:)

P.S my family's blog is
It has not been updated or awhile, though..

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Your garden is amazing! It makes my 32 square feet look fairly pitiful, but I guess we've all gotta start somewhere. I'm so glad you have a tractor!

Shady Lane said...

Wow Mary! Sounds like you all are planning on a very busy summer!

If you ever get bored, you can come over and sit on my porch, I'll serve you iced tea, and you can laugh at my little garden for as long as you want!

(And I'll buy some of your broccoli if you have too much to sell . . . )