Friday, January 18, 2008

Year in Review, Part 19

August 2nd dawned bright and sunny. With only a couple hours of sleep, our crowd of faithful volunteers were up at the crack of dawn preparing for the day's events, hauling food, chairs, directions, and signs around. While a dozen or so people prepared the Capitol for the arrival of several hundred supporters at the rally, one of our supportive physicians and I hurried over to our attorney's office to prepare for the day in court. After directing the national Fox News folks around, we seated ourselves in the courtroom that was quickly filling up with film crews, microphones, and reporters, pens in hand. Judge Joyce appeared and we listened intently to the arguments from both sides. In the end, we all felt like it had been a very fair hearing for both sides and anxiously wondered what her decision would be. She would issue it about a week later. When the hearing was over around noon there was quite a gauntlet of reporters to interview us before we headed to the Capitol.

Back at the Capitol building, our many volunteers had everything running like clockwork, keeping several hundred people organized. I didn't have to do anything but sit and listen at the rally. It was the most wonderful feeling to be one of the audience, for once letting others scurry around, making it all happen... And I still haven't got over how well the whole event went! It just so far exceeded our expectations. Even the national media expressed shock at "how big this whole thing is!"

We served pizza to everyone who came and families spread out across the Capitol lawn...

Kim, a Missouri midwife donned a creative "Lady Liberty" costume
and made it onto national TV!

The film crew that Fox News sent, interviewing a midwife about the law and midwifery...

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