Saturday, January 12, 2008

Year in Review, Part 15

Last summer I helped with a surprise for a midwife who is working on her Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) certification. Her clients and former clients knew she didn't have money for all of the application paperwork, testing, etc, so they schemed and planned and raised money to give her towards her CPM!
They talked her into hosting a picnic at her house on a Sunday afternoon that she thought was just so they could meet other like-minded families. Instead, she had a surprise when they handed her envelope full of money and told her to go take her CPM exam! I'm not sure who was smiling bigger - them or her!
It was so fitting... she has given so much of her life to serve them for very little compensation.
In fact, she often doesn't cover her own expenses, let alone earn any money for her time spent serving many, many home birthing families. At least some of them realize some of the enormous sacrifices she has made on their behalf, and love her with very grateful hearts!

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