Saturday, January 12, 2008

Year in Review, Part 14

I'm trying to hurry and finish my "year in review" that I started before it's March!
There were so many things that happened over the summer and unfortunately (sometimes fortunately!) some of them just didn't get documented with the camera!

The creek and a nearby small lake were favored places during the summer, since we don't have air conditioning and many times the mercury hit 100 degrees!

Adam B, Jemima, CarolAnne B. and Ellie B.

Sam and Abe at the lake

Jemima with Adam and CarolAnne in Sam's homemade "boat." : )

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Sarah said...

That last photo of Jemima and the little ones is classic. It looks like a painting...beautiful! :)

I'm enjoying your posts as much as ever, Mary. I haven't even started my personal reflections on 2007. Who knew that one year could be so much?