Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Moonlit Photos!

Last night, I spent a few minutes walking around outside with the three youngest, taking pictures in the dark. (We used to call the three youngest "the little kids", but seeing as they are all heading towards a few inches shy of 6 feet tall, or have already reached that height [Sam], that doesn't really work anymore.)

Above: Sam took pictures of us from the roof of our guest house. But mostly he admired the moon and the stars and the night, and tried to convince me that it would be a good night to camp out on the trampoline!

Above: I'm still the tallest of the girls
(not something I'm particularly thrilled about),
but Ruth is so close to being the same height!

Above: Joanna... my baby sister who isn't much of a baby any more!
She's a teenager now! Amazing!
I do think she and I look the most alike of any of us girls...
Agree? Disagree?


Laurel said...

Neat pictures!
I think you're right about you and Joanna looking the most alike. While you all obviously "go together," you are each very distinctive, which I think is neat. :-)

Abby Comstock said...

Yup... you look the most alike! Wow! I bet in a few years people will be asking if you're twins. =) I love your blog, Mary. Thanks for all of the great, fun, and uplifting posts!

Blessings, Brittany

Anonymous said...

yes I definatly think that you and Joanna look the most alike of all the girls.

Anonymous said...

And I shall add to the general consensus that yes, you and Jo look the most alike. I've thought that for a long time. Looks like ya'll had some good quality time together. :)


Unknown said...

I also agree...you and Jo I think look the most alike out of the girls in your family!
ttyl ~// ;) lol

Anonymous said...

I agree with you all I look a lot like Mary, but I do have my distinctions :)