Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gardening All Day, Every Day... Not Quite!

Steve weeding onions.

The lovely potato patch... until you look a little closer
and see all of the little orange potato bugs!
We are frantically looking for organic ways to control
potato bugs before the whole patch is eaten alive!

Joanna - putting clods of dirt on the cardboard mulch to hold it in place.

Purple cabbage mulched with Chiquita banana boxes!

The far end of the garden - mostly sweet potatoes, melons, and corn.

Anyone want to come apprentice?? :)


Tammy said...

If your little orange bugs are the larvae of the Colorado Potato Beetle, which I suspect they are, you can handpick them or you can spray your plants with BT, a disease that only affects caterpillar like creatures and other larvae like mosquito larvae. BT comes in powder form that you can dust your plants with, you can put the powder in a sprayer mixed with water and spray it on. For mosquitos, Somo in Springfield has started selling, in bulk, what we had been buying for years on the internet, mosquito dunks. We put these in ditches and ponds. They work great!

Anonymous said...


Diatomaceous earth

Peachtree said...

Wow, I'd love to come and look at your garden sometime. It looks mind-bogglingly huge to me! But, my garden has to stay within a size that I can manage almost singlehandedly . . . that makes a difference! :)

When you find the perfect potato bug killer, please post it, I'm looking too!

I was thinking of trying a coffee/vingar/soap solution & see if it helps.

Jana said...

Great Post Mary!!!
I love it when you put on pics :D


Peachtree said...

Here's something I found on Baker Creek's forum;

"Re: Homemade bug killers

My FIL used to have me mix lime and water and spray it on my potato plants to kill the bugs. I haven't done that in a long, long time but it used to work."

I'm gonna try it!

CandlebyNight said...

This is the 2.5 acre garden? Wow! Its lovely from what I can see in the pictures.
Dana W.