Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hot Summer Days and No Time for Rest!

My blogging seems to be getting more and more infrequent these days. It certainly doesn't mean that nothing is happening in my life - rather quite the contrary!

In recent days life has been filled with lots and lots of company, canning spaghetti sauce and peaches, sharing the gospel at the fair, campaigning across the state, and long sweaty days in the garden. Usually, those things all kind of run together. Like, picking tomatoes at 7 am, canning peaches at 10 am, then leaving for the fair to do an afternoon shift at our gospel tent, picking up a friend or two along the way who needs a ride back to our house to stay for a few days, then hammering in some yard signs, and door knocking with some campaign fliers, then coming home to sisters frantically setting the table for several families who have spontaneously showed up for dinner (this summer we've been averaging about 5-10 people per day stopping by for a visit!), washing dishes, visiting with whoever is hanging around, canning some more, finding sheets and beds for whoever decided to spend the night, frantically replying to a few emails at midnight, starting a couple of loads of laundry, and then dropping into bed!


Missy said...

Oh Mary!
I can sort of sympathize. Last summer was CRAZY for us with our garden...but I can't imagine people visit during all of that!! I feel for you all! One consolation for us is that we have some funny movies and hilarious memories from that crazy time. I suggest taking some movies of the whole process. You will probably enjoy watching them later. It might take a long time before you can even get youself to watch them again, but when you might get a good laugh!
I will be praying for you folks.
Love and Stings to all,

Drebbel said...

I know the feeling, a bit. My wife and I have been canning extra peaches, pickleing extra cucumbers, and we made a bunch of noodles. I really love the excellent food, but it seems like every day I have to take a couple of hours just to keep the kitchen clean!