Monday, August 11, 2008

Hay Balin'

Among the many, many things needing to be done around the farm, one of the most important is putting up the hay - cutting it, raking it, baling it, picking it up in the field, stacking it in the barn...
It becomes an all around family affair to get the hay done, as we all pray for the rain to wait just till it's all inside the barn!

It's about 100 degrees, but as long as you work fast enough, you don't notice!
Yeah, right!

Everyone is hot, prickly, sweaty, and ready to be DONE!
To be completely honest, I wasn't home this day, so I did not experience it, but I heard plenty about it when I got back!

Jemima managed to paste a smile on for the picture!

Sun is setting... hurry, Sam! Let's get the last of the hay in!

Don't ask me who had the time to capture the moment in photographs...
but I suspect it was Liz or Ruth!

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