Friday, April 25, 2008

A Visit From Suzanne

Our long time friend, Suzanne, came and spent a few days with us. We all had so much fun together! Suzanne is one of those people that just makes you laugh and enjoy yourself even on the worst days! Suzanne has lots of brothers, and only one sister who has been married for a number of years, so she enjoys the chance to join we five girls as another sister for a few days.
...And we gladly add her to our circle as she fits right in!

Liz and Suzanne try out the double seater bike...

Who takes more pictures - Ruth or Suzanne?? I'm not sure, but if you know either of them, you know that it's a LOT of pictures! At times, Suzanne's visit seemed like one long photography session. : )

Come back soon, Suzanne! We miss you!

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