Monday, April 21, 2008

Mudding and Flooding

These photo posts are rather late because of computer problems, but I hope that you'll enjoy them just the same!

In recent weeks the Ozarks have received more rain than I can ever remember since we moved here nearly 23 years ago! Repeatedly creeks have swollen making roads impassable, homes have flooded, and our driveway has washed down the hill! In spite of the weeks of endless rain, muddy boots, washed out roads, and gray skies, my siblings have been having a blast!

Four wheelers and mud make an excellent combination. Especially if you don't mind getting throughly soaked and covered in mud on a cold, rainy day!

Bekah came to visit us for a few days before she headed back to China for the summer. She borrowed an old barn coat, and some mud boots, and plunged in with the rest of the kids!
Above: Ruth, Liz, Bekah back from the first mudding adventure on the back roads

A usually tranquil scene - a valley full of grazing cows - has become a muddy lake!

Above: The three "little girls" lead the way - Joanna, Ruth, Christy. Bekah and Liz are in the rear. Hoods, scarves, and sunglasses are essential gear to keep ones eyes and hair from being caked with mud!

Some very wet and muddy girls, back from a ride through the biggest mud puddles to be found on the dirt roads...

Most days, a lazy creek with a few minnows flows through the weeds about 12 feet below this bridge. Here, the water has been rushing over the bridge, and on the far side, the now roaring river covers the road a quarter of a mile down the road! A couple of the boys take a closer look, and wonder if the bridge will hold if the water gets much higher.

And am I in the pictures? No, I stayed home and did boring stuff like update spreadsheets and then listen to all of the exciting tales when the "mudders" came home. : )

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