Friday, April 4, 2008


This week I was reminded of the power of gratefulness.

I've actually thought that I usually do a pretty good job of expressing appreciation, but as I sat there listening to how rare gratefulness is in our society, the Lord brought to my mind many, many things that I have never written a thank you note for, never called someone to say,
"Thank you. That meant so much to me."

I have determined to be more grateful.
To write thank you notes when I should,
even if it means later nights or less time for my projects.
To say thank you and smile when someone does something kind.
To notice the effort people put into what they do for me.
To remember the time that others have invested into my life.
To do more than be conciously aware of other's gifts to me --
I must take the time to genuinely thank them, or they will never know that I noticed.
It can make all the difference in the world to someone.

Have you let those around you know how much you value
their investment in your life?

Regardless of whether it was
a simple smile,
a handful of wilted daisies,
a glass of water,
a friendly "hello!",
a lovely gift,
an encouraging word
or everything you'd ever dreamed of.

It deserves a genuine "thank you!"

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Laurel said...

Thank you for this reminder!