Tuesday, May 24, 2011

That Dad of Mine

My 60 year old dad... is. a . saint. He spent his whole evening cleaning off and washing a huge pile of poopy diapers for another family who had something unexpected come up and ended up with about five days worth of dirty cloth diapers. Dad did it cheerfully with a smile, humming to himself while he scraped poo into the toilet... for several hours.

His servant's heart has always led we children by example, rather than lectures.
When Jesus told his disciples to wash each other's feet, I think He would have meant things like washing other peoples' toddler diapers, too....

I'm so grateful that God gave me a dad like him.

Lord, make me a servant. One willing to do the nastiest job with a song in my heart.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great guy, Mary! The man you marry is gonna have some big shoes to fill!

abdulbaseer said...

As a Muslim I can only say: We have faith in what has been revealed towards us and revealed towards you; our God and your God is one, and to Him we are submitted.

Glad2bHis said...

What a tribute, Mary! I think you and your family have followed in his footsteps, and thus in the footsteps of Jesus!