Sunday, September 27, 2009

And She Said "YES!"

Over the spring and summer months, a beautiful relationship has been blossoming between my sister and a Godly young man from our church. I've wanted to blog a few pictures, but they forbade such "until engagement" (both of them being some of the only ones in the family to also boycott Facebook and other online methods of communication!). They prefer old-fashioned letters and phone calls and in-person communication... another reason why they are so nicely suited to each other! :)

The day has finally arrived... and I can shout their news through the cyber world!

I must say... it's a strange feeling to have your little sister in love and getting married... first.
But I couldn't be any happier for her. I haven't been able to stop grinning all day!

I'm sure I'll cry and cry when she's finally married and gone... Jemima has been my confidante and best friend ever since we were little girls. She's always admired me, but I've admired her more for her virtue and goodness and love that comes so naturally, while I have to fight and struggle constantly to have a sweet and good heart! Her goodness puts me to shame almost daily, but at least I have something I can aspire to be like... my little sister.

So, yes, I'll be sad someday that Jemima isn't at the sink waiting to hear my stories and tell me her's when I come home each day, but for now, I'm just completely happy for her and them. Joshua is a wonderful guy and Jemima is nearly an angel... I think they'll have a bit of heaven on earth in their home.

I'll just have to go visit often, I guess. I'm so grateful that Jemima didn't fall in love with someone who lives in New Brunswick or Italy or something. If that was the case, I'd probably be crying now!

"Look, guys! I got her!!"

Hurrying back to the house... eight pairs of sisters eyes watching and giggling!

Engaged... at last!

The ring... of course

The ecstatic couple with their two youngest matchmaking sisters,
Joanna (L) and Hannah (R) who have been dreaming of
such a day for a long time. :)



so wonderful!

Jonathan Smith said...


Anna said...

Oh Mary! What a beautiful couple--and what a beautiful tribute. I'm so excited for you all.

Clayton Pearlstein said...

How exciting! What a blessing this will be to both families, it is beautiful how a marriage not only blesses the two involved but also family and friends. They do seem like a GREAT couple, thanks for spreading the good news Mary. :) ~Brooke

Laurel said...

I'm so excited!

Anonymous said...

yay! when's the wedding? beautiful photos! love, kelli

Olivia said...

How wonderful!!!