Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blog Followers

I'm always curious as to who is reading my blog... From time to time people who see me in person somewhere will mention something they read or saw on my blog. Often, I look astonished and say, "You read my blog?! I had no idea that you were reading the stuff I write!"
Sometimes I'm embarrassed. Sometimes I'm flattered.

Whatever the case, I'm always curious as to just who all is reading my blog. As I told Jemima the other day, "When I post something and my blog gets 200 hits in the next day or two and nobody leaves a single comment, it certainly leaves me wondering what everyone is thinking and who read it!"

I love Blogger's new feature of allowing blog readers to become public "followers", helping me to know who at least a few of my readers are. And it's a handy way for me to keep up with the blogs that I try to read... I log in to my Blogger account, and - presto! - all of the latest posts from everyone's blogs are right there!

I'd love to see you become a blog follower... I'll know who you are that way! Just click on "Follow this blog" in the top left hand corner of my blog!

1 comment:

Joy said...

I read your blog, Mary. Just thought I'd confirm what you already know. :)

I know what you mean about getting a ton of blog hits and having no clue who is visiting it. On xanga I can usually see the state or country of my visitors. I hope your 'public follower' thing works. :)