Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yesterday and today Spring has seemed to proclaim itself from every direction.

A warm breeze is blowing, the daffodils are poking their little green heads out of the earth, and the robins are happily building their nests. Our new puppy is waddling his fat little self around and Mom is planting hundreds of onions sets in the garden with the "little" girls. Sam's baby goats are nibbling on the sprouting bits of green in their pen, and the horses are kicking up their heels and snorting with delight.

I've been enjoying just breathing in fresh spring air and wearing short sleeves and flip-flops. Cleaning the flower bed out sounds so inviting on this beautiful day!

I'm so glad to be home today! That said, I don't want my day wasted on the computer!
I'll update my blog on a rainy day or a cold day...
I'm heading outside to celebrate the arrival of my favorite season!

Me with one of Sam's babies (taken on a cold day)

Sam's baby goats... Aren't they adorable?

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Anonymous said...

:) I love spring! Even now I can hear the birds singing in the trees...such a wonderful time of year.

The goats are adorable. :)