Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break!

This past week has been lovely...Maybe not weather-wise, but it's been a time of refreshing for my heart.

Typically, when the legislators take a week off at the Capitol for Spring Break, I go home and work harder than ever. Making sure that everything is falling in place with our bill for the day they get back to the Capitol. Last year, Spring Break was one of the craziest, most hectic weeks around our house. So, I didn't expect much of a vacation this year either. I was pleasantly surprised.

I went home with our bill in a stalemate situation and there wasn't a lot I could do about moving it. But I still had hundreds of emails that I had been placing in various folders to deal with as soon as I had a chance. And I needed to update our database, our email alert list... We needed to raise money, and a lot of it fast, to pay our legal bills that never stop coming.
Needless to say, I had more than a full week of work cut out for me.

I'm so glad that sometimes God has other plans for our days than we do. He turned my week's plans upside down in a flash when the rain and flooding hit Missouri on Tuesday. I soon found myself with no internet. And it's been that way all week, till this evening.
I loved every minute of it. This year, Spring Break really was Spring Break. I didn't spend the week on the phone and in front of the computer.

I did laundry, washed dishes, cooked dinner with my sisters, and got to spend the evenings laughing and talking with my family instead of staring at a computer screen. I've discovered just how much I miss my old life... I have many times wished that I could have it back, but I didn't realize how wonderful it was till this week. : )

Now, as I prepare to head off to the Capitol in the morning again, I will cherish the small moments that I do have before I leave, and I will remember that everything God does is good. Not because I like it, but because I can trust Him to know more than I do what's good for me!

Life is good.
God is merciful.
I am blessed!


Nisbett Family said...

Dear Mary,
I am always so blessed by your blog. Your comment reveal a beautiful heart--one that seeks to serve others and glorify God. Thank you so much for your diligence, patience, and sacrifice on the part of so many families in Missouri: past, present, and future. You are in our prayers.
We love you,
Kim for the Nisbetts

Jessi said...

Hi Mary! I completely relate to what you're saying. I LOVE going back for a few days to my "old life". It is so peaceful and secure feeling. :) Glad you had a nice spring break.