Monday, November 26, 2007

Carissa's birthday

Friends make life so rich!

Here's a few pictures from our friend, Carissa's birthday in early November.
Her older sister, Christy, planned the party for her and asked us to be her guests...
So, we girls happily drove the two hours to their little place at the end of a dirt road and managed to totally take Carissa by surprise!

First, we visited their next door neighbor at his old farmhouse where our former governor grew up. He's former Governor Holden's dad and an interesting old farmer to talk to. We've heard about him from Christy and Carissa for years, so it was fun to finally meet him.

Then we headed over to the property where we had the picnic. The sun was setting and the day was rather chilly, but bundled in our coats and scarves, we managed to enjoy a wonderful picnic dinner in the meadow. Christy is a great chef!
(Below: Carissa is enjoying a gourmet tomato-rye sandwich)

Then, some of the girls decided to walk to the cabin, and scope out the lovely land. A couple of the old fogies (Christy and I) decided instead to drive and take pictures of the rest of the girls walking.

After a wonderful dinner, we settled into their little cabin and talked until nearly midnight by the light of a few kerosene lanterns. A few hours into the conversation, we began to wonder if our health would survive the intense kerosene odors and the smoke, so we occasionally let in some fresh, but freezing cold air from the outdoors. For the most part, we managed to ignore the cold and the kerosene because we were busy pondering bigger things, like growing up!

Above: Beth, Mary, Christy, Jemima, Kirsten, Carissa huddled under sleeping bags, sipping hot chocolate in the cabin

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