Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm back!

I've been at our church's annual Family Camp since Wednesday, where we had Keith and (his son) Roy Daniel from South Africa preach to us every morning and evening.
It was a wonderful time of re-focusing my mind and life on what is really important and giving me a good chance to do some deeper "housecleaning" in my soul. Even though I was busier than I've ever been at previous camps with practical details and organizing camp, I enjoyed this one more than ever before.
In the weeks preceding camp, I felt like the Lord was plowing up my heart and showing me many areas that I had ignored for too long or not even noticed. It was a joy to be at camp, focused on searching my heart, when the Lord has already started working on many areas of my life before camp.
I look forward to sharing with you a few things that I am in the process of learning.


Laurel said...

I'm looking forward to reading!

mikestahlman said...

I figured that you were at camp. Glad you had such a great time! I also had a great time camping this weeekend with Campus Crusade for Christ.