Monday, September 3, 2007

Wasted Opportunity

As I spend time reviewing what I am doing with my life - my years, my months, days, hours, and minutes, I see so many places where I waste time. When I look at what I have invested my time into, I see much wood, hay, and stubble that someday will be nothing but ashes.

I was reminded while reading Genesis 1-4 that God DOES allow people to waste the richest opportunities in the world. The choice is up to foolish, sinful man. Man gets to choose if he will be wise with what God gives him or if he will foolishly make fleshly choices and throw it all away.

Adam and Eve had a life of unimaginable opportunities and joy in the garden of Eden - perfect harmony and love in relationships, God Himself walking with them every day. They had an opportunity never before or since enjoyed by man. Yet they threw it all away with one simple taste of forbidden pleasure and ruined their lives and that of every generation to come.

I have to wonder if Adam and Eve often looked at each other many times in the years that followed and shook their heads sadly - "How foolish we were! We lost all of that for one bite of this?"

Some days I fear that I will arrive at the end of my life and say, "I threw all of that away for this?!" As the old hymn asks us, "Will I stand before my Saviour and empty handed be?"

How many people do I pass by in a day without a thought for their eternal souls? How different would I live my life if I had spent one hour in hell, seeing the rich man lifting up his eyes in torment, begging for a drop of water? How many people does my life influence for eternity? Or do I simply drift through their lives, leaving no impression of their Creator, of their and my eternal destiny?

I must be more than a nice person. I must be more than kind. I must be more than good.
I must be a beacon of God's eternal truth, shining on their hearts. I must speak the truth in love - that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

I don't know of another person in the world more blessed than I - I have a Godly heritage, wise and kind parents, loving family and friends, a good mind, health and a strong body, vast opportunities to impact the Kingdom of God at my doorstep...

I tremble at times when I remember the words of my Lord, "To whom much has been given, much shall be required."

May I be found a faithful servant, who does her Lord's bidding in deep gratitude and humility. When He comes, may He find me "so doing."

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Sarah said...

Amen, Mary! I couldn't agree more. Those were excellent thoughts. I've had often had similar ones.

I'm planning to start Piper's "Don't Waste Your Life" today. Life comes with so much responsibility - oh, to use it wisely!