Saturday, September 8, 2007

Love makes it easy

All who would bring souls to God and multiply His kingdom must do so through surrender and sacrifice. This is what loving God means - a continual offering, a pure readiness to give oneself away, a happy obedience.
There is no question of, "But what about me?" for the motivation is love.
All interests, all impulses, all energies are subjugated to that supreme passion.

Does it sound too high for us?
But all of us know a little about it in so simple a thing as loving a child. Watch a grandfather in a restaurant with his small granddaughter. He has no thought whatever of himself. If she wants some of his french fries he would delight to give her all. He does not hold them back, thinking, "But what about me?" He piles them onto her plate.
What is the source of this delight and this self-obliteration? Very simple.

The answer is love.

Elizabeth Elliot

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