Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On Writing

"In your mind you have to want to create a work of art. You have to be willing to invest the time to go back over your writing again and again, to shape every sentence so the whole piece sparkles. In spite of all this effort toward stylistic beauty, your aim is not to bring attention to your style but rather to make it a servant to the truth that's driving your story." -- Jamie Langston Turner

I agree with the quote; but find it hard to live by if I ever want to get anything to the "publish-able" stage. I prefer to edit and re-work my pieces over and over and over.... But then they never see the light of day because they're never good enough to suit me. My time is far too limited to spend as much time with pen and keyboard as I'd like.
So, sometimes I get tired of it and just publish my pieces anyway; imperfect, and not quite to my liking. At least you get to read something on my blog that way.

Maybe I'll do that with some of my rough drafts pretty soon. Not 'cause I'm really ready to publish them. But because you'll never see them if I don't just hit "publish" one of these days.

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