Monday, August 3, 2009

Garden Abundance

Purple Hull Peas

Potatoes . . . we've dug a few thousand pounds (seventeen rows) so far.
Fourteen more rows to dig. . . oh my! Storage will be interesting. . .

The girls braided onions most of the afternoon on Saturday.
Where to put all of them is now the question.

One can only eat and preserve so many cucumbers!

And cabbage . . . it shall be forever immortalized upon our minds.
After chopping over a thousand heads of it on the kitchen table,
and having buckets and jars of saurkraut fermenting in every corner and building,
and lugging big white burlap sacks of it to give away everywhere we go,
how could we ever forget?


Jonathan Smith said...

Wow... looking forward to our potatos... Tomatos and squash are our good crops so far and we can almost keep up eating them.

CandlebyNight said...

I've been thinking for the last several days that I need to call your mom and ask her if she has any extra tomatoes when they come on if she would consider selling me 10-15 bushels. I want to try making and canning tomato soup this year and my tomatoes are not doing well at all.

But only if she has the extra :)
Dana W.


Wow I should come down there and help Y'all

Anonymous said...

I can so identify with you right now!

I'm trying very hard to be thankful for all of our produce and not whine!

Drebbel said...

All's that missing is some nice German sausages and mustard.

Jessica said...

Only YOU can not blog for 3 weeks and have so many followers!!!!! I need another post!! ;)

Love you, girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mar! How do you braid onions??? Kelli